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Class of 2011

Senior class 2012

Graduating class of 2013

Graduating class of 2014

Graduating class of 2015

Freshmen Graduating Class of 2016

Freshmen Graduating Class of 2016

Brief Description of AVID

AVID is offered in more than 1,500 schools including Department of Defense schools inEuropeand the Pacific. AVID has an enrollment of about 120,000 students worldwide. Approximately 95% of AVID high school graduates enroll in college with more than 60% enrolled in four-year colleges. AVID graduates persist in college at an 89% rate.

What is in this section?

All levels of AVID students

In this section you will find information, pictures and videos about what we do in AVID so you can become familiar with the program. Currently we have 100 AVID students in the program. There are several methods we use to identify potential AVID students.

Identify Process

1. They can apply to be in AVID. Applications are available at the counselor’s office. After they apply, the AVID coordinator and team members available will interview them.

2. They can be recommended by their teachers or counselors and even their own peers. Teachers and counselors can send a list or they can fill out the teacher recommendation form which will be reviewed by the AVID site team at the monthly site team meeting.

3. Their parents can contact the school or AVID coordinator to be in the program.

Selection Method:

Our goal is to get more males to participate in AVID

Here is a short description of the criteria of an AVID student:

State Assessment Scores

Grades (2.0 -3.5)



Desire and Determination

First in Family to Attend College

Historically Underrepresented in 4year Colleges

Economically Disadvantaged

Other Special Circumstances

AVID Curriculum and Activities: The AVID curriculum is very specific and focuses on WICR. The main core of our lessons centers on tutorials which takes place two times a week. The rest of the week centers on guest speakers and activities relating to WICR. Our main goal is to provide students with the necessary tools in order to be successful at the high school level and college.

Reading is an important aspect of the AVID curriculum

 On Wednesday and Friday, we have tutorials. We are fortunate that our district is able to pay for the tutors from the college to come work with our students. The tutors are there to act as a facilitator but the students do all the work. They collaborate and work together to come up  with the answers to their problems. If you would like to know more about the ten steps to the tutorial process, click on the following link: http://www.sdcoe.net/lret/avid/Steps%20in%20Tutorial%20Process[1].pdf
Students have to take notes in their academic class so they can use it to fill out their tutorial request form as well as use it during tutorials.
Take notes in academic class
On the day of tutorial, students get into groups  and the tutors lead them through the process. A tutorial starts off with the students presenting their question while the rest of the group takes notes, listen and ask questions.
Student presenter
Group members ask critical thinking questions to help the presenter figure out the problem

The point of tutorial is to teach the students to think and problem solve



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