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As part of the AVID program, we encourage our students to actively participate in community service,clubs and sports. We are trying to teach them how to balance their academics with their extracurricular activities. Many of our students are in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and in clubs such as FIRST Robotics, JSA, French Club, just to name a few.

EVENTS: Our big events are our AVID Day for the students at our school. Then we have a big one for the incoming AVID students from our feeder schools. This event provides students the opportunity to collaborate, talk to college representatives, meet new people and have fun. To connect with parents we have Parent Night.

AVID Brochure AVID DAY 2013

Students checking the vendors at AVID day 2013

Students checking the vendors at AVID day 2013

In coming freshmen AVID students talking to GCU

In coming freshmen AVID students talking to GCU

More vendors for AVID day 2013

More vendors for AVID day 2013

Kofa Parent Night

Eating some snacks during Parent Night

Freshmen presenters for the Card board confessions

Big Kofa AVID day 2013

Every year we bring our incoming 9th grade freshmen to introduce them to the rest of our AVID students. The purpose of the day is to have fun while learning about careers, goals. team building, and AVID.

Incoming Freshmen AVID students and HS AVID students

Incoming Freshmen AVID students and HS AVID students

Kofa AVID day 2012

Untying the knots! Team building

Having fun doing team building

Former AVID students from the class of 2011 presented about college

Our big AVID family

November 17th, 2011 we had our big AVID Day where we bring 8th grade students from our feeder schools for a day of fun and learning.

2011 AVID day participates

Vendors from the community helping with AVID day

Our future AVID students participating in AVID day

AVID students listening to former AVID students

AVID girls getting ready for team building

First ever graduating class of AVID seniors at end of year banquet


Sophomore class here we are!

Awesome Junior Class at the Lib Dub

Lib Dub Time! AVID seniors representing!

Second Lock-in 2012

Hanging out and relaxing

Enjoying their time together

Many juniors showed up to the lock-in

Scavenger hunt team consist of multi-level

Game time!

Dinner time

Gym time








First Lock-in 2011

Seniors organizing and leading the scavenger hunt

Winners of the scavenger hunt at the lock in

The other scavenger hunt participates

Ms. Klakulak is always willing to do anything for the AVID kids

The Klakulak, an important team to AVID

Ms. Klakulak’s senior class representating during the Christmas Door Decorating Contest

We have several AVID students from all all levels in Cheerleading

The sophomores and freshmen teamed up and participated in the Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Freshmen and Sophomores received first place for the door decorating contest! Donuts!


We encourage all students to be in at least one club outside the AVID club so they can learn to work with a diverse group of students.

AVID club meeting

AVID club meeting

Freshmen AVID club collaborating with all AVID students at homecoming

Junior AVID class and club won first place for the awesome homecoming poster

Juniors participating in homecoming as Australians

AVID club representing during homecoming

Senior AVID club members selling bake sale

AVID club meeting

Big club meeting

Our sophomore student participating in FIRST robotics workshop

Our Junior presenting at FIRST robotics workshop in Phoenix

Our senior who is the President of JSA, programmer for robotics, and tennis player

Our freshmen at the Robotics kickoff

Our senior sports med student by day, homecoming queen by night


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