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Site Team Members

Our site team consists of a diverse group of individuals who are committed to the AVID principles of success. All members are volunteers who have offered their expertise and time to either teach an AVID class or advocate AVID ideologies. This group of passionate and positive members is integral to the success or failure of our program. A special thank you goes out to them.

Site Team AVID Coordinator:

Anasone Silivongxay : (928) 502-5516
Senior Elective 2010-2011

Sophomore Elective 2011-2012

Site team Bios

Anasone Silivongxay is the AVID site coordinator. She graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in History and English. She also has her Masters in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. She is certified to teach in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Currently she teaches AP U.S. History and Sophomore  AVID. She is also the AVID club sponsor and FIRST Robotics mentor. Outside of her work responsibility, she is the Vice Chair for the Laotian American National Alliance, a nonprofit organization advocating for political, social, and economic equality for Laotian Americans. Her favorite advice to teachers is, “Be the example for students and they will follow it if they want. Don’t tell them to work hard, but instead show them what that looks like”.

Sally Rodriguez is an AVID Team Member. She has been teaching computer courses at Kofa for 5 years now. She has a Vocational Educational Certificate for her field of study. She is continuing her education via Northern Arizona Yuma campus. Currently she teaches Computer Applications I, II and Advanced Computer Applications. She also teaches Advanced Web Design and Business Multimedia. Her favorite advice to teachers is, “Be a professional in and out of the classroom. When a student gets on your nerves, go home and sleep on it. If the problem still bothers you in the morning, address it privately with the student”.

Jason Goodwin is a site team member and Social Studies teacher at Kofa High School.  He graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science Education with emphases in History, Government, Sociology, and with a middle school endorsement.

After graduation, Jason moved to Yuma, Arizona to pursue a teaching job at Kofa High School, where he has been since fall 2007.  He has taught economics, government, and various history courses.  Besides AVID, Jason is a US History and Cambridge 10th grade World History teacher and Junior State of America club sponsor. He recently got married his bride, Jaqueline, from Lima, Peru and aspires to visit the world and eventually write a book. Jason’s favorite quote is “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” by Plato.

Christal Buckley is the 10th grade AVID elective teacher. She is a graduate of Kofa High School class of 98 and a graduate of AWC class of 2000. She obtained her teaching degree from NAU in 2003 and just this summer completed her masters from GCU in Educational Leadership. She has been teaching at Kofa for seven years, but has also held various positions within the educational field.  She has been a testing administrator, an instructional aid, and a note taker for disable students. She continues to enjoy each day in the classroom and looks forward to this new adventure with AVID.

Site Team Members:

Christal smiling before working hard.

Sally, the AVID motivator and organizer

Katie and Cecile ready to go!

Hanging out after the training

Time to relax after all day long training

AVID site team making friends with other AVID teachers


Administrator: Mike Sharp
Freshman Elective: Katie Fritz
Sophomore Elective: Christal Buckley
Junior Elective: Cathleen Klakulak
AVID Counselor: Bob Chouinard
Support Counselor: Carmen Munoz
Modern Language: Catherine Maire-Sebile
Social Studies: Duncan Johnston
Business: Sally Rodriguez
Math: Cecile Navarette

2011-2012 Site Team Members

Administrator: Mike Sharp
Freshman Elective: Bob Vitello
Sophomore Elective: Anasone Silivongxay
Junior Elective: Christal Buckley

Senior Elective: Cathleen Klakulak
AVID Counselor: Bob Chouinard
Support Counselor: Carmen Munoz

Support Counselor: Tammy Newell
Modern Language: Catherine Maire-Sebile
Social Studies: Duncan Johnston & Jason Goodwin
Math: Cecile Navarette & Chris Franey

English: Matt Buckley

Science: Martin Wesley

Every year, the district provides each school the opportunity to send their staff to the AVID summer institute in San Diego.  There is a set number allotted to each campus due to budget. It is required that the AVID coordinator and AVID elective teachers attend the week long conference. However, every year the district allows each school to take a limited number of staff member. At Kofa, we always take different teachers every year with the purpose of getting as many staff members trained as possible. We try to take teachers from different discipline. If you would like to go to the training, just contact the AVID coordinator.


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