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Outstanding staff


In this section you will find shout outs and kudos for our staff who has been identified by the adminstrators, teachers, and students who are supportive of our AVID students and program. We commend these awesome staff members!

Throughout the year, you will be receiving thank you notes from our AVID students for your contribution to the education of our students. They want to show their appreciation of you and your hard work.

* A special thank you goes out to the Math and Science Department for requiring and encouraging students to use Cornell notes in your classroom for several years now. You are awesome! Wonderful job math teachers for giving students premade Cornell notes that still leaves room for them to make their questions and summary.

* Thank you Matt Buckley for using Cornell notes in your classroom. We love how you have given your students premade Cornell notes.

* Thank you Amy and her teachers in the Fine Arts Department for inviting me to present to you about AVID strategies. I appreciate the extra mile you took in trying to implement the reading strategies.

* Thank you CTE department for your willingness to work with your mentors for the AVID professional development. We are grateful for your interactive presence during the professional development strands.

* Thank you Kathy Hoover for being proactive and giving us such a good feedback on how we can help your department use the AVID strategies. We love you go-getter attitude.

* Thank you Bernice for seeking me out to plan for professional development to ensure the success of the the implementation of the AVID strategies in your department.


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