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Staff, we the AVID team realize that you are extremely busy and have many obligations that may interfere in participating in every professional development opportunities available through the AVID Department so we have made it more accessible to you. Listed and uploaded for you are several power points about different topics and teaching strategies. All you have to do to receive a 30 minute professional development is to watch the powerpoint and/or video and answer the five questions at the end. To answer the questions for  professional development credit all you have to do is follow these steps:1. After you watch each power point, click:  Leave a Reply box.When you click on this box, it will prompt you to put in your email and website. You do not have to put a website.

2. Put your name, the name of the power point and the answers to the five questions in the Leave a Reply box. You will have to put in your email, but don’t worry about putting in a website. Nobody will have access to your email. The purpose of the email is for the site administrator(Anasone)  to contact you have a question.

3. Click submit. You will not see your answers posted yet until it comes to the blog administrator for approval. You are done!

4. After the site administrator looks at your response you will receive your professional development certificate.

Here are the five questions that you will need to answer for easy reference.

1. What did you learn or find interesting?
2. How can you apply this knowledge or information to your own classroom or lessons?
3. Did you find this information useful or relevant?
4. What specific information stood out for you? Please explain.
5. Do you have any follow up questions or comments?

Professional Development Powerpoints

1. Culturally Relevant Teaching.ppt

2. Focused Note taking Present STC 10

3. Avid_Power_Point_Collaborative_Groups_And_Tutorials

4. social_studies_methodology

5. AVID counselors

6. prof_dev_ppt_klak[1]

7. Math_Reading_Strategy_for_any_Classroom

8. Marking the Math Text

9. Math Vocabulary Strategy for the Classroom

10. Math Cornell Notes

11. social_studies_methodology_dialectical journals (1)

12. social_studies_methodology_cornell notes

13. social_studies_methodology_causeandeffect

14. Chartingthetext

Supporting documents to use with: Charting the text powerpoint


This powerpoint specifically for CTE teachers

15. Establishing a Purpose for the Reading

Supporting documents needed for this professional development:

A. Reading for Standard 1.0_Apply Word Processing Software to Produce Documents (1)

B. Reading for Standard 2.0_Composing Documents for Presentation (2)

C. Reading for Standard 3.0_Using Database Software to Produce Documents

D. Reading for Standard 4.0_Apply Spreadsheet Software to Produce Documents (2)

E. Reading for Standard 5.0_Research Appropriate Software to Enter Information

16.Selecting Text for Instructional Purpose (1)

Supporting documents to use with powerpoint: Selecting Text for Instructional Purpose

A. Reading for Standard 2.0_How to Learn Copy Editor Marks (1)

B. Reading for Standard 2.0_How to Teach Proof Reading Marks

C. Reading for Standard 17.0_Examine Supervisory-Management Fucntions

D. CriticalReading (1)

E. Charting-the-Text

F. Critical Reading for science

H.AVID Cornell notes

I. Critical Reading for science

For the following presentation, click on the handouts so you can use it to follow along. Click: AVID_College_Readiness_Handouts


Teachers, this is the inservice from last year on Vocabulary activity. I have provided you with the student instruction and the links to the KWL chart.



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  1. kofafootball says:

    1. The 10 steps involved in creating Cornell Notes.
    2. Use Cornell Notes to summarize and highlight key events in a poem, novel, or short story.
    3. Totally
    4. The origins of Cornell Notes.
    5. No.

  2. Bruce Kelly says:

    My computer is not able to display the YouTube videos. Matt took responsibility. Once again, Buckley has failed me.

  3. Kelsey says:

    Power Point: Culturally Relevant Teaching

    1. What did you learn or find interesting?
    I loved the idea of incorporating culture into the classroom in order for students to experience academic success. It is so important that students feel this in order to keep trying. Also, I found it interesting that

    2. How can you apply this knowledge or information to your own classroom or lessons?
    The power point suggested that in order to challenge the current state of things, we must give our students plenty of positive attention and set higher standards for them to meet. As a teacher, I want to make school a place where students can be themselves without fear of being judged.

    3. Did you find this information useful or relevant?
    I found the information both useful and relevant. So many of our students are of a minority background, speak English as a second language, live in low income homes, and could be the first to attend college in their families.

    4. What specific information stood out for you? Please explain.
    I always find studies done on sociology compelling. Studies pointed out that more minority students are taking the SAT, which is awesome. The videos on closing the achievement gap embody why I became a teacher in the first place.

    5. Do you have any follow up questions or comments?

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