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Reading Ideas

If you are looking to revamp your teaching strategies in the classroom, here are two interesting articles that can shift your teaching paradigm. The first article, “States Loosening ‘Seat Time’ Requirements” describe what many states are already doing: giving students the opportunity to move on when they are ready.  No longer will students be required to stay in school the traditional length of time but instead over thirty six states already ” required high schools to assign credits based on competency, rather than seat time”. What do you think about this? For more information read the article by clicking: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/03/07/23biz-state.h31.html?tkn=MVUFdQuEzReeDoxhOOgIuUIL0XTkVv0uW4fn&cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS1&intc=EW-BE0312-ENL.

The second article, “Creating a Menu for Reading Instruction” gives some great idea about two teachers reading strategy(CAFE) that helps readers with their reading comprehension by using specific techniques. Read on if you want more information, http://www.edweek.org/tsb/articles/2012/03/01/02cafe.h05.html?cmp=ENL-TU-MOSTPOP.

This CAFE strategy works well with primary grades but for some resource or ELL teachers at our school, this may be useful and worth considering. Check out the videos:

Daily 5 and Cafe at Dodgeland