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Special thank you to Outback Steakhouse

We would like to thank Outback Steakhouse for their support of our program. They have enabled us to do a fundraising event that is much needed. In order for us to take our students to see colleges and universities, it will cost us over $2,000 for two buses. With this fundraiser, we are more than halfway there.


Marking the text survey

2 million minutes: A look at education throughout the world

Teachers, this video is pretty interesting about education around the world. It makes me think of what our responsibility is in regards to our students and what we can do to motivate them to academic excellence.

WICR Part II: Incorporating technology into the classroom

This video details ten tips to adding technology into the classroom.  As teachers, it is important that we keep up with the students, by incorporating technology into the classroom.  If we have access to it, why not use it.


Staff, if you miss the first professional development, you can look at the power point below. The power point covers the basic ideas of WICR.