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Annotating the Text

Teachers, do you want to increase active reading, thinking and writing? One of the best technique is annotate the text. Instead of you doing the work for your students, give them the opportunity to challenge themselves. You can use this method for any class. All you have do is follow the simple steps which you can tweak if you need to for your subject area.

Here is the long version of annotating the text which can be used with higher level classes like Advanced Placement. Click: http://rwc.hunter.cuny.edu/reading-writing/on-line/annotating-a-text.pdf to access document.

Here is the short version of the annotating the text. You can adjust or modify according to the needs of your students. Click: http://ww2.ramapo.edu/libfiles/CRW/Annotating%20a%20Text(2).pdf to access document.