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February 6th Professional Development Evaluation

January 2012
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Teachers, thank you for being here. Before you go please respond to the following question by first clicking on the title of the posting (February 6th Professional Development Evaluation) and then clicking on the Leave a Reply box and putting your answers there. Once you finish typing your response, click submit and you are done!

1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?

2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.

3.  What did you like the most about today’s session?



  1. Jamie says:

    1. The website loaded very slowly and the graphics/page jerked and stuttered as it loaded. Very slow. My phone loads faster and smoother.

    2. advantage: multimedia with easy to document replies
    disadvantage: loads slow.

    3. informative and well organized

  2. kofafootball says:

    1. I totally (totes) did.
    2. Advantage: I get to move at my own pace. Disadvantage: I can’t think of any one in particular.
    3. The easy to follow directions from my instructors.

  3. I loved the site, it is easy to navigate and easy to understand. I wish I could build a site for my classes so that my students can access at home.
    Thank you very much,
    Roger Ramirez

  4. David Mount says:

    More topics for powerpoints.Clearly name all of the powerpoints. Include specific sample lesson plans. Great idea!

  5. B. Franz says:

    1. I fee that this is a great website that is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

    2. I think this is a great way to present information to teachers and allow us to complete Professional Development Sessions at our own pace. I would like to see a short description along with the title of the presentation so that I know what topics are going to be covered.

    3. I like how the information was given to us in a strait forward manner allowing us to go a try out the site on our own and ask questions if we had them.

  6. Mark Curtis says:

    Navigation good

    This format is good because It can be done on one’s own time table.

    Today’s discussion was a good intro. to this way of learning.

  7. David Mount says:

    I liked the session. The navigation was quite easy. I like the ability to look through the material myself, without being “walked” though it. Flexibility is an advantage, while lack of direct human interaction is a disadvantage.

  8. Justin says:

    The website’s layout is covenient and easy to navigate. I think the biggest advantage of PD with this blogging method is the flexibility of it; you can benefit from the AVID PD anytime. I really haven’t encountered any difficulities with this session. What I liked most about today’s session was that it was in the familiar wordpress format and the content specific organization of strategies.

  9. Megan says:

    This page is fairly easy to navigate. However, when looking for something to use for reading, I found the “writing” strategy more useful. Try categorizing with more detail, or place things in both sections.

    One great advantage to using this page for pro. development, is learning at my own pace. One disadvantage is the loneliness. If stuck on something, no one will be there to talk me through things.

    I love the layout, and the promise of things to come. Had a blast looking at some of the articles, but need to wait until home to view the videos. There should be more videos of our campus and the things our students are doing. Having the kids upload things would be a great learning tool for them.

  10. tfoley says:

    1.The PBS Great American Authors stuff did not work. 😦
    Give titles for the articles,not just numbers, please. Thanks 🙂

    2. This will be great because we can log on when we have time and get info on stuff we need individually.

    3. I got to sit next to Man, Myth, Legend…..Doug Rothschild!!

    But seriously, this is a great tool for professional development. How does one set up a wordpress site with assignments? Not being a tech savvy person, I need help with this and something called edmodo?

  11. Renee says:

    1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?
    There are a few things that just aren’t clear,i.e. Like the “Flickr Photos”.

    2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.
    + = If in need of hours I can get what I want, when I want it (almost like McDonald’s)
    – = There are a few tricks to getting online and using the website. It would take some getting used to. Also, time to do it when everything we do is so computer driven that I personally, don’t want to use the computer for anything else.
    3. What did you like the most about today’s session?
    I had questions about how to use the reading texts provided and Jason was able to help me open the document and be able to manipulate it. This will help with Frosh students and allowing them to also learn to manipulate documents (i.e. highlighting, comments, summaries in the margin).

  12. Bruce Kelly says:

    1. I was able to navigate, however I logged in initially using FIrefox and I was unable to view any of the YouTube videos. Trying again with Chrome, this problem was resolved.

    2. One advantage is everyone has a personal set on information in front of them, making it much more interactive, while also saving the cost of paper. One Disadvantage is during those inevitable slow moments, being in front of a computer that has so many avenues of distraction may be counter-effective.

    3. Today’s session was simple and insightful. I’m personally considering options such as this for my classroom, ways I can post notes and information and dates in a location that the students can be more aware and turn to when needed.

  13. Duncan says:

    1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have? It fairly easy, clear labeling is the key, if there could be thorough labeling I would be able to work it easier

    2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method. *Advantage is definitely that you can find topics that are usefull to you and your content area or type of assignment **Disadvantage is that there is no immediate feedback if you have questions at a given time.

    3. What did you like the most about today’s session? I like that we were able to log on and navigate the site ourselves. Presenters were available to give us proper instructions and answer any specific questions we came up with.

  14. Maria E. Janosky says:

    Yes, it was easy to navigate.

    Blogging extends our horizon and gives staff another option for professional development that allows you to perform through computer access and it makes more acessable.
    I liked that you have many resources available .

  15. Carol Hesprich says:

    I could navigate through the system rather well…..no real problems. The advantages? The website is pretty self-explanatory and it provided me with some new ideas andreminded me of some strategies I have not used in a while. The video was easy to get up and the resources were helpful to get ideas for teaching. I could go to a site I was interested in and view it instead of having to “follow” a certain lesson plan/agenda. The disadvantage is the videoes were not audible—at least the ones on my computer in the lab in 1208. I liked the session because it was onhands and a different day than ever had before.

  16. Karene Ess says:

    The website is relatively easy to navigate, but I have now beeen bumped out my a keystroke (once during a powerpoint and again trying to reply here).
    The major advantage of this site is the access to the powerpoints and documents when I have the time to go through them instead of trying to rush somewhere during planning… The one disadvantage I see is the lack of descriptions with some of the files. Can this be done?
    I like the idea of instant access to the AVID info, and appreciate the effort it takes to keep a website current.

  17. maria g canchola says:

    yes, it is easy to navigate.
    yes, it is an adventage to learn about these.
    It is interesting to find a lot of resources that can to help to us.

  18. Bernice Kruse says:

    Yes, the website is easy to navigate.
    Advantage – you can put a great diversity of information in one convenient place to share with others
    Disadvantage – another website that we must remember to access
    Today’s session – navigating the site to see what is available

  19. jdillon says:

    navigation easy

    advantage = own time;own pace;w/ plenty of time to digest
    disadvantage = no one to answer any questions

    opportunity for individual browsing instead of being given task

  20. Tom Thomas says:

    1, yes
    2. one stop shop and take time to explore site
    3. technology use

  21. Melissa Johnson says:

    1) Yes, website is very easy to navigate.

    2) Advantage is that it is easy to access and everyone would be able to read each others ideas.
    Disadvantage not as personal as other methods.

    3) It was laid back, informative and not to long.

  22. Charlie Lamont says:

    Mr. Lamont
    1. Very easy to navigate
    2. Advantage is flexibility, disadvantage is reduced interaction with peers (face to face)
    3. Facinated with the possibilities of the AVID site

  23. Mickey McLean says:

    1. Yes, it was easy
    2. Use at own time.
    3 Learning about a new web site.

  24. Maria E. Janosky says:

    Could you provide a page with different styles of objectives.

    This will be very helpful to see how other departments are writing their objectives.

  25. D R Huska says:

    1. yes

    2. user friendly, but I cannot type in the dark

    3. Found another source to involve my students

  26. dean says:

    1. Yes, nice job Ana.
    2. Great resources, lets all add something to it.
    3. Ability to use this site to download educational resources for your own use into your own folder.

  27. Catherine Maire-Sebile says:

    1. For the most part,yes. It is a new website so it takes some time to get used to it.
    I would prefer another color for the background. Black is hard to read especially if it is shown on a big screen.
    2.Advantage: can do it whenever, wherever.
    Disavantage: need to be self motivated . Easy to procrastinate and forget about it.
    3. Enjoyed being able to browse and explore at my own pace.

  28. Ms. Amy Seeley says:

    1. Yes
    2. It’s easier to answer on a computer, to just being able to type it in.
    A disadvantage is that it is limited to those who know about the site. It will be nice to have it linked to our school site!
    3. I liked looking at the student work and what they have done! Creative!

  29. Linda Jones says:

    1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?

    This website was very easy to navigate and is organized very well. Nice job! You are very thorough.

    2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.

    There are advantages and disadvantages with blogging. This forces everyone to respond if this is for professional development credit. It is convenient to do from our own computer and anytime we have time is great. If you have to do this during the school day, you know you will get some type of response.

    3. What did you like the most about today’s session?
    I was “forced” to take the time to look at the website. A bird’s eve view is better than no view!!

  30. Mike Klenke says:

    1. Navigation was very simple.
    2. Blogging is a quick way to get answers and support from many sources.
    3. I liked grouping up by subject and thinking of a new strategy we would like to see for our classes.

  31. Kenna Tanaka says:

    1. Yes
    2. Advantage – By using computers, it’s easier to use the computer rather than handwrite. Disadvantage – I have to be online to use it, and I’m not computer-gifted.
    3. I love having Sally as our presenter. I also like that she explains everything so well, and helps us look at all that is out there for us to use.

  32. Naomi says:

    What I liked most from today’s presentation was the opportunity to have actual professional development time set aside in order to view and explore the webpage and online resources provided to us, to use at our discretion, in order to improve our understanding of AVID and its’ strategies. Very helpful, thank you!

  33. Brett Surguine says:

    1. I was able to navigate OK. I got a little lost and overwhelmed in the resources section. There’s a lot of information there but it’s not organized in a way that made it easy for me to tell what would be useful to me.

    2. Advantage: It’s more flexible. Disadvantage: Lacks human interface.

    3. I liked discussing the uses of the website with my content group.

  34. Sandra says:

    1. Yes, seems simple enough
    2. One would be working alone thus eliminating a chance to collaborate with peers
    3. Discovering this site and exploring its many possibilities

  35. Mr. Randall says:

    1. Yes
    2. Advantage is that those of us who are web saavy prefer things in a virtual world rather than a paper copy I personally do not want. In addition, many of us have used blogs in the past so it is natural to transition to this format. In addition I can access this info anytime or anywhere, not just when I am at school.
    A disadvantage is that some people would probably prefer paper. However, that isn’t me.

    3. I liked that you asked for feedback and listened! Thanks!

    • APUSH Teacher says:

      Erik, I agree we can save a great deal of paper using a blog because you can actually just open up the document and show it to your students instead of giving them a copy. Yes, you are right we are listening to you and will try to adjust accordingly to the needs of the teacher.

  36. Eric Krepps says:

    I was able to navigate the website pretty easily, but the disadvantage of it is that a lot of the material doesn’t mess well with Physical Education. What I liked most about today’s seesion is that I was reminded of WICR and how it is important in everday teaching.

  37. Annalisa McBride says:

    1. Yes, but it needs a search feature.
    2. Advantage: professional development on your own time.
    Disadvantage: For today, we were only able to view one section.
    3. We found a new website with lesson plans and learned what ghostcatching meant.

  38. Coach Ortiz says:

    1. YES , well organized and easy to naviagate around site .
    2. Advantage: the user friendly lay out Disadvantage : Not to much marterial that we coul duse in our department
    3. Some freedom to navigate the site and let us explore on our own
    Great look. I like the lay out. Hope to see some Physical Education material on it for classroom use

    • APUSH Teacher says:

      Coach we will work on getting materials for you guys. In the mean while don’t forget to check out the resource section because there are a lot of information of cornell notes. Also, you could you the short weekly article to practice the reading strategies.

  39. Rory Treynor says:

    1. This website is easy to navigate. The tabs are helpful.
    2. A disadvantage of doing professional development through blogging is you are missing the communication factor. The advantage to doing this in the form of blogs you can do the development on your own schedule.
    3. Learning a new way to learn and teach is a bonus. Teachers should always be evolving.

  40. Nicola Olsen says:

    1-It was pretty good for me. I like the categories on the side, staying no matter what menu item I am on. But at one point I was kicked off the Blogroll and it took several attempts for me to get back on the site.

    2-One advantage is that I could do it on my own time with the website. A disadvantage is that I would not have a live person to talk to and compare notes with. I learn better with people.

    3-I am excited about the blogroll and some of the videos. I will come back and explore for sure! It will be helpful to me to know where to go to get information on AVID reading strategies and how to use them.

    • APUSH Teacher says:

      Nicola, don’t forget that you can still interact with others here. You can do so by commenting or asking questions to the staff or me (Anasone). Of course, face to face is still better but for now at least you can browse in your time.

  41. Sara Lewis says:

    1.Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?
    For the most part, there were times when there was too much information and it got a bit overwhelming.
    2.Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.
    The advantage of using a prof development blog is that it is always there to use even after the meeting. The disadvantage is that not everyone knows how to navigate a blog.
    3.  What did you like the most about today’s session?
    Getting suggestions from other departments about how to use strategies was helpful. Looking at reading strategies cross curricular gives me some ideas to use in my own classroom.

  42. Schattin says:

    Navigating the page was easy enough. However, I do feel as if some of the segments could almost be their own blog. The larger categories/groups, I feel, would be better served by an individual site, which i turn would make the AVID blog seem less cluttered and congested.

    Immediate access and the ability to change/adjust quickly is a deinite positive. The drawbacks of a blog-based format are far outweighed by the benefits though.

    The pictures.

  43. b. graham says:

    1) Yes
    2) for someone comfortable using computers it is good those who are not………
    3)seeing pictyres of student sucsess

  44. Tamara Kay says:

    1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?
    Yes, this website is designed in a user friendly manner. It is very well done.

    2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.

    Advantage-able to collaborate with others about the WICR strategies and see how these strategies are used across various subject areas.
    Disadvantage- None

    3. What did you like the most about today’s session?
    Able to work with others and discuss the strategies.

  45. Wesley Martin says:


    2. Able to assess on MY schedule. Disadvantage. Questions difficult to answer

    3. Problem solving on techniques and procedures

  46. Kathy Hoover says:

    1. The website was incredibly easy to navigate. It did not require an entire PD session to work through it.

    2. I really enjoy using blogging as a professional development tool. The advantages are endless. The biggest advantage in my opinion is the availability of various resources at any time of day. Having the ability to watch a video demonstration of a strategy or see student examples of a skill can really benefit a teacher who is looking for ways to incorporate AVID strategies into his/her lesson planning. The disadvantage is that discussion of strategies with peers and mentors is limited to chat, email, or blog comment. I think combining the blogging with professional development sessions could really increase the depth of discussions in PD sessions. Have something on the blog that we could all be tuned into the week or month prior to that AVID training session, ask the questions we want discussions about, and then when content areas and departments meet, they more in-depth discussion because they’ve had the time to process it or even practice it in their lessons.

    3. I enjoyed being with my two departments in today’s session. Other than that, it seemed very elementary and basic. KHS teachers are ready for something more in depth and content specific than what we got today.

    • APUSH Teacher says:

      Kathy, I am glad that you think the website is easy to navigate and useful. I like what you said about combining the blogging with actual PD sessions. We will definitely use the site as a resource for teachers and enrichment for our AVID PD sessions. From now on, we will send out an email to the staff a month ahead with an area of focus as you suggested so we can get the most out of the PD sessions when we meet face to face. Thank you for your suggestion.

  47. Mike Kraft says:

    1. Yes the website was very easy to navigate around and find things.
    2. Advantage: it allows for very easy campus wide collaboration.
    Disadvantage: it is very hard to monitor people who leech from other professionals
    3. I like that we were given time to talk about utilizing this site in our content groups. I think that was worthwhile.

  48. Gina Thompson says:

    I really appreciate the availability of the teachers to respond and give feedback. What a great amount of “data” you collected as a site teacher from your colleagues! This is an impressive site you have developed and the response indicates others will get a lot out of the offerings. Way to go! I also appreciate that you have replied back to so many of the responses. The entire process is a demonstration of great things at work with implementation and on-going improvement as well as collaboration!

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