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February 6th Professional Development Evaluation

Teachers, thank you for being here. Before you go please respond to the following question by first clicking on the title of the posting (February 6th Professional Development Evaluation) and then clicking on the Leave a Reply box and putting your answers there. Once you finish typing your response, click submit and you are done!

1. Were you able to navigate easily through the website? If not, what difficulties did you have?

2. Please give one advantage and disadvantage of doing professional development using this blogging method.

3.  What did you like the most about today’s session?


Reading strategy

Teachers even though the teachers in the videos are elementary teachers, the strategies they are showcasing can be used in your own classrooms.

Critical Reading Strategy: Marking the text

Teachers, here is a good synopsis of the reading strategy: marking the text. Watch the short video to see how it is done. For those of you who have a website you can post this video for your students so they can look at it in their own time.